This isn't your old school systems to "grow your dog business and get all the clients."

Because, in plain words: FUCK THAT.


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Meet Kristen Lee

You're probably thinking, who the hell is this Kristen Lee chick?

That's cool, so let me formally introduce myself.

I'm two parts serious Business Strategist, 1 part Branding junkie, 1 part sailor mouth (because Jersey born and raised) with the ink that matches.

Want more street cred? Okay... I get it. I get it.

15 years of corporate executive operational strategy, MBA, and three incredibly successful dog businesses that have the metrics that matter.

Born an entrepreneur with the gift of gab according to my parents. I started my first business at 6 years old at my local horse barn and ran it pretty damn well until I was 17. Then college.

After graduating from college, I landed my first "real job." A Fortune 50 (yes, not 500) private company. After about a year and a half, I found myself sitting the executive boardrooms as a trusted advisor to the top dogs.

My career was pretty epic for being a young woman in a sea of suits and bullshit.

Operational strategy initiatives, organizational leadership, growth initiatives, business modeling... all while traveling the world working with some of the top CEOs of different companies. During this time I also completed my MBA.

Oh, AND to mention, while founding and starting three different, highly-recognized pet-care businesses: first petsitting, then dog walking/pack walking and now, dog training and behavior modification.

And no, I didn't do it all myself. My husband (then boyfriend) was the operator and head dog-man in charge of all things poop, slobber, and fur.

But, you see, deep down my soul was slowly dying with every train ride into the city. The flames of passion weren't even flickering. A walking zombie in red-back heels with an LV laptop case despite all my successes.

I was your hidden entrepreneur assigned to the corporate world.

So, I pulled the plug; retired from the familiar corporate landscape at 34 and transitioned into a new leadership role. It was scary as fuck. I'm NOT going to lie.

Now my focus is on you — the amazing, badass Dog Business Entrepreneur.

I'm blessed and honored to work with some of the most incredible business owners.

My work defined: a business strategy consultant, marketing expert, branding boss (you have to live with unapologetic authenticity), high-end sales ninja. FOCUSED FOR the modern Dog Business Owner in today's ever growing market. I also focus heavily on transitional strategy.

My dog walker and dog trainer clients live a life fueled by their passion reignited in their business, create a legacy with impact. They find their freedom of being authentic, freedom of knowing they have control of who they chose to work with, wealth creation and disrupting the old dog-biz paradigms.

Still with me? Awesome. Connect with me now and let's see what we can do to disrupt your business.