Let's talk about stepping into the CEO role of your Dog Business vs. being an employee of yourself... wait, what??

You might be thinking, - "Fuck you, Kristen!! I am the owner; I am the CEO of my dog training, dog walking biz...!"

And you are. BUT. HEAR ME OUT ON THIS.

Because I've been there myself.

When you start to fill and embody the CEO role of your business, vs. always working in your business (this is not meaning filling with employees, then taking a backseat to "focus"), you step into something much more powerful.

Something higher than being a good dog trainer or cool as fuck dog walker.

Because the CEO role is different, it's elevated.

You make leadership decisions coming from a balance of data-driven and intuition.

NOT decisions in reactivity, what you "don't have or can't have," or lack of with limitations clouding your mind.

You see, when you fill the CEO role, you stand into your future self. Being bold, setting big as fuck goals vs. day by day living and working.

The first time I hired my first business coach, I was in the same shoes as most. Living okay-ish. And when it came time to make that big decision to commit to something bigger (to the tune of 30k plus!) than I could ever picture with my then belief system, she reminded me. She removed the blocks so I could make decisions based on who I wanted to become vs. who I was at the current time — life altering.

The CEO Dog Businesswoman is unapologetic on her success and pursuit, yet kind and loving. Her power is unfathomable, intense with a huge heart of gold, not only to make an impact with the dogs but an impact that spans generations.

If you're living day by day, getting by... being a kickass dog trainer, boss, etc., but making decisions based on your current state, reactivity, fear, lack, limitations...

What ONE decision can you make that your future self will thank you for?


Kristen Lee