Impactful Marketing For Your Business

Marketing and MORE MARKETING!

Something I see so many of you guys, the incredible dog trainers and walkers out there, so super focused on and excited about. And that awesome. I LOVEEEE me some well-executed marketing. Marketing geeks me the hell out since it's an art AND science.

The majority of Dog Trainers and Dog Walkers are making the same dog business marketing mistake. Over and over.

It's Dog Business Marketing Inception.

The thing is:

You can do all the marketing for your dog business:

  • All the videos

  • All the pics

  • All the testimonials

  • All the awards

  • All the business cards, flyers, and brochures all over town

  • All the posts in apps and community groups


If you're not focusing on the connection to your fantastic audience of dog owners, you're leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars off the table. Yes, you read that right.

Hundreds. Of Thousands. Of DOLLARS.

And not to mention your sanity too. Do I have your attention now? Good.

Now you're thinking, how the fuck do I build connection? I show up do the dog training service, dog walking service, etc. That's what people want.

Yes and no. People, your prospective clients CRAVE connection.

They crave to be listened to and spoken with compassion and understanding at a much deeper level than any of us even know.

This is what has made me hugely successful with multiple dog walking and training businesses, not to mention my dog business coaching. This is why my clients close their previous month in sales before working with me in a week.

Are you ready for your Marketing Connection and Evolution? The process that will allow you to create content that excites prospective clients that will be ready to BUY?

You're probably thinking - "Um... do I do this?"

Let's get to business, shall we?

Step One:

DUMP The QUANTITY Marketing Mindset. The more EYES on your stuff, the more potential clients? It's dependent on the QUALITY of the messaging you're putting out.

Step Two:

Pick your niche. Non-negotiable. Your niche is the foundation of a prospective client that you would like to work with as a dog professional.

Step Three:

Understand your niche. Connect to them, listen to them. What problems do they have that it has nothing to do with your services?

Step Four:

Create content around that connection. STOP for the love of dog the basic stuff. The generic posts, newsletters, etc. That niche we talked about in the last two steps? Talk to them on a human level.

Step Five:

Show UP - Authentic. Be true to who you are. Not what you've been told to be or what others think you should be. But truly you.

Hungry for more?

I specifically created The Dog Trainer’s Guide To Marketing With Connection. This incredible free resource guide will outline each of these steps in detail, plus a bonus worksheet to get you on the path to evolved marketing for your Dog Business. Guys, this worksheet is a page right from my Marketing 101 Module.

Till next time my marketing fiends.

Kristen Lee