$50k Dog Training Sales - In 7 Days

If you didn't know... I'm a serial entrepreneur. MMhmmhhhh... cereal.

Wait, getting off the point here Kristen Lee.

I've always owned a dog business over the last 15 years and still do... on top of consulting, coaching, keynote presentation and focusing on dog business owners.

My role has and is in business operations, strategic growth, program design, sales, etc.

While my amazing and overly humble husband has been the boots on the ground pack walker, trainer, and behavior specialist.

Every quarter, I strategically take over the day to day sales, inquiries, inbound requests, and external lead generation follow up. By doing so, it allows me to pulse the local market, see what the dog behavior trends are, confirm our marketing and lead generation systems are on target and optimize anything if needed.

Plus, it's a benefit for my consulting clients and processes they're implementing. It's pretty cool to be one of my gangsta clients.

In the first seven days of 2019, I've effectively sold 50k in Dog Training.

Right after the holiday spending season.

Yep, 50k in training services and programs. Without my loving hubby running away screaming from being overworked, overbooked or bouncing out of town solo on the next plane to Jamaica.

Remember - I am NOT A DOG TRAINER and I leverage to my advantage

Connections + Conversations = Conversions

Connections + Conversations = Conversions

"How the hell is this even possible?" you're probably thinking.

And I get it... seems unbelievable. Years ago, I wouldn't believe it.

Well, honestly, it's pretty simple.

And, I'll share it with you on how our dog business closed 50k in just a week.

BUT, as my clients can attest to...and want to punch me in the face for, it's about making a different choice on how you approach communication, the sales process, and giving so much attention, love, and care to the 2-legged person on the other end of the leash.

I want to preface with what I'm about say with some extra tough love since I want everyone to succeed:

At the end of the day, if you're in the dog business for the dogs and the dogs alone, you're missing out on so much and not living up to your potential.

It sucks to hold yourself BACK, and you're letting yourself down.

But the good news is, if you're ready for a new approach and a healthy bank account, you're in luck since I'll be sharing the steps.

Note: this is not just for dog trainers, but for dog walkers, pet sitters, groomers will massively benefit.

PS: You won't have to fly 17 hrs to Australia and be locked in a room with the sales warlord himself. Much love to residential.

Step One:


I understand you're probably super busy, overworked and overly reliant on texts, emails to receive and send information. But, when you create the time and space for someone, invite them and start building a relationship is where the magic happens.

Step Two:

Ask the right questions

Find what is truly driving them to connect with you. Nine times out of ten, it's not about you or the dog.

Step Three:


I know you're BURSTING with so much information that you want to give, educate on and starting helping on right away... but if someone on the other end was totally not listening to you, validating your feelings/concerns/issues, you'd feel not heard, frustrated, annoyed.

These awesome owners want to be heard, and chances are, telling you EXACTLY what they need, want and desire. Just listen.

Step Four:

Put your ego aside - stop thinking like a dog trainer, sitter, walker

You're freaking smart, and a kickass dog pro with so much to offer and you're excited to help. However, overwhelming people with too much information is a massive turn off.

If you over give so much information to the point of where they don't buy, but you feel good about yourself for "helping"... the only person you're selling is your ego.

Step Five:

Have a solid strategy in place when it comes to deciding if people would be the right fit for your services

Take them on a journey, and towards the end, only you can make the expert decision if they're a right fit for you, your values and your business. And if they are? Offer them the help that they need with innovative, out of the box services.

And get ready to fight for them lovingly and their bright future.

So, there you have it, the simple steps on how we crushed the first week of January.

It wasn't a boatload marketing, advertising, spamming or even a ton of content creation.

But the loving acts of showing up 100%, connecting, asking, listening, and offering people the help they deserve, want and need.

Kristen Lee