Are You In Alignment With Your Dog Business?

One of the first questions I ask dog business owners when we first talk is:

"So, what the fuck do you want to do as a business owner?"

And usually, it's met with drawn silence. It's an intense question, I know.

But it's an indicator if you're in alignment with your dog business.

I cannot tell you HOW MANY business owners, just like yourself, are out of alignment with their dog businesses.

Doing the shit, they hate. The jobs that are not core to their purpose as a dog professional. Because they've been told, read, or seen others do to "pay their dues."

Now, to be clear, I am talking about serious, committed skin in the game, value-packed pros that have been doing this for years that have so much MORE to offer.

From the talented multi-dog handler/pack walker (y'all the MVPs) that is still doing just the pee/poops breaks when you know the dogs need so much more when it comes to exercise and socialization.

To the dog trainer that still is doing petsitting after she swore off it last summer.

To the petsitter that hears the mountains calling and wants to spend time in nature with dogs instead of house to house visits...

My point is, if you're doing shit you hate in your business, you have the power to stop.

The prisoner you've become, you carry the very keys to free yourself and get into alignment. Into purpose. Monetize who you truly are as a dog pro.

The time and energy you're expending to "make a few extra bucks" or #hustlelife, is legit draining the hell out of you.

My challenge to you is to take 10% of that energy, 10% of that operating capability and discover you. Step into the role of being that CEO, that unstoppable force of nature as a dog trainer, dog walker.

CLAIM your visions. Your goals.

Embody power of alignment and business strategy.

Capitalize and monetize the fuck out of your skills, and knowledge, then refine, refine, refine.

So, again, my question is, "So, what the fuck do you want to do as a business owner?"

Kristen Lee