The Epidemic of Women Dog Trainers Undercharging & Over-Serving

Just finished up a private coaching call with one of my Masterclass students.

This woman is a shining bright light of an incredible dog trainer.She's smart, talented with a decade-plus of experience and the business that backs her up

A high six-figure business with a team of dedicated employees that rock and roll. Sounds likes #goals, right? I mean she HAS everything you've been told equals = success.

But deep down, she struggles.

She struggles with her value... her self-worth as the LEADING expert dog trainer in her area. She is scared to step into the spotlight, claim her role. Keeping her voice and expertise quiet and meek, while others talk big and play big. And forever, she's been told she can only play small.

By family, by friends, by other professionals in the dog training industry.

"Oh, don't charge more because that's greedy!"
"Don't rip people off! They're coming to you for help. So help them and worry about money later."

Basically...what you're being told is:
Your job is to over-serve people and under-serve yourself.

The thing is, low self-value/confidence/worth is an entirely complex issue, that will NOT go away by me or any other pro saying:

"Fake it till you make it, bro" - (ugh bro marketing)

This runs deep through your head and heart.. it seeps out into your dog business like an infection.

Guys, this is the norm of most women in the industry, and I listen and hear your experiences.

So, I'm here to say:


Charging a premium is not greedy, and it's not something that'll you be able to flip the switch on overnight.

There is some healing around this, but the first thing you can do is honor who the hell you are as an expert:

  • You honor you first. Not the self-limiting beliefs of others that surround you

  • Start owning and stepping into who you are

  • Make decisions from that place, act from that place of expertise

  • Start embodying that inner badass

  • Find a community that supports you, that believes in you

And your next prospective client, charge a few dollars more with the confidence of showing up for yourself, your business first will = higher results.

Kristen Lee