Why The Holiday Hustle Grind Needs To Fuck Off

The holidays are rapidly approaching.

Most dog business owners decide to welcome it with resentful expectation.

On the one hand – this is it!

The big push. The final massive cash injection.

Feast time, baby. Hustle and grind.

If you’re not “hustlin'” you’re not a good business owner, right?

The other hand – that this is finally it.

The finale to already burned out a schedule and overly stressed out dog business.

More expectations to perform, to push personal needs aside. Even less time to set aside to FOCUS on the business operations. More staff to manage.

All you want to do is survive and get through this.

So what if it means another year of reheated holiday dinners or cutting family time short?

You repeat in your head “just get through this.. just get through this”. Even if it means to waking up to 20 dogs in your house barking vs. the excitement of presents…

Every year, you tell yourself it’s the last year.

As fast as the holidays came, January hits.

Welcomed silence. Rest.

Then scary silence. Crap! Fewer people are spending money.

Then, the Marketing Hustle Trap sucks you in its seductive vortex.

Here’s the thing – IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

You can have a steady, sustainable, growing dog business without the insanity end of year hustle. Scrambling to hire unreliable holiday help.

A strong, healthy dog business that enables you to have the financial resources year round without the final push.

It is possible.

This is the TRANSFORMATIONAL business strategy you need and deserve.

And the best part? It’s not too late.

Here are steps you can take immediately:

Step One:

Business ALWAYS comes first

Dog trainer, sitter, walker, groomer, etc. second.

Your mindset and business must make this critical shift to CEO. And, you must identify where you are spending way too much time delivering your services.

The most successful pet-businesses owners out there have one crucial thing in common:

80% of their time is dedicated to growth and operations, 20% on actual delivery.

Step Two:

Niche and Identity

Conceptualize who your niche people are. What’s the difference between your current clients and the ideal? Don’t be afraid and go broad and specific!

Quality will always win in sustainability and scaling vs. quantity.

The over-focus on hustle to get clients is outdated. And, the reason why many dog professionals are stuck in the rock and a hard place of “can’t grow the business because too busy” and “need more clients.” It’s that glass ceiling effect you are experiencing.

Step Three:

Strategic Marketing

Take control of your marketing. If you have been relying on “word of mouth,” referrals, your website/reviews/SEO – you do not have control of your marketing channels.

Remember the niche from Step One?

Create marketing channels with lead generation, organic marketing, your website/social media with strong messaging toward those people.

Step Four:

Adopt a Sales Process

Connect with people on a much deeper level. What do they need? What value can you provide Stop relying on contact forms, emails and your website to be your salesperson. Create a sales process that flows with your marketing system.

Step Five:

Redesign your services and offers

Create high-value services & programs; think out of the box on what you do BEST… If you’re basing your prices to remain “competitive,” how are you standing apart from the others? The majority of these businesses are pulling from the broken business model.

These necessary, fundamental steps will help you start the transformation process.

Kristen Lee