The Avoidable Trap Dog Trainers Fall Into

It's a trap. Perfectionism and resistance. Disguised as the simple statement that you probably say every fucking day:

"Getting my shit together, then I can do x,y, z."

"When I do this or that, I can do this or believe/trust in myself."

"When I hit this goal, I can revamp everything."

And what happens?

You set yourself in this uncontrollable cycle of hustle, grind, lack of boundaries, undervaluing yourself through your dog training business, hiding behind your business, and not finding the freedom you desire and want to create.

You don't have to have it all figured out to start.

Would you expect a dog owner to have everything aligned perfectly before making simple changes to their dog's behavior?

No. Then why are you doing it to yourself, your business?

There will never be a right time to get started. No matter what level you're at in your business.

I've worked with clients that barely break 1k a month to now hitting 6-figure quarters consistently.

And on the flip-side:

I've spoken to some people that have the mass illusion of success that let talked themselves out of action, because, well, the "timing wasn't right." Shit, I remember being the second person the first time I spoke to my first business coach.

But the thing is you DON'T need to get your shit together to start making simple shifts.

I get so many dm's of "Kristen when I get more clients, I can start a niche, raise my prices, charge for consults, blah... etc." You don't. Just get started.

Take brave, uncomfortable fucking action from the place you want to be. Not inaction from the current situation you're at right now.

And, you'll be blown away by the fucking results.

Kristen Lee