A Battlecry For Dog Pros: Stop The Order Taking

A challenge. A battle cry. 

To all you amazing, talented, dog walkers and trainers out there:


I want you to step into your authority and expertise as a dog expert vs. just showing up for what "people want."

Making it about the owner then, the dog. Not about what set of services you offer. 

I get it. It's against EVERYTHING you know. 

Everything you've been taught, told, surrounded within the industry. 

BUT ...I want to remind you. 

You are the motherfucking expert, the owner of your business.You're not an on-demand app (neither are your employees). 

You have this at your fingertips and your control.It's just choosing to step into it. 

Now, if you like what you do and you're comfortable... and don't want to step into something different. That's cool. I get it. No judgment.

But, if you're like the small, but disruptive crowd... 

You and I both know deep down... there is more just waiting to be unleashed with you by ways of your business. 

You're meant for more. 

Not the limbo of the status quo. 

And you crave the freedom. The choice to do the shit you love while blending into your business, helping the owners and the dogs. 

The best part? 

It allows you immediately to leverage your value as a dog trainer, dog walker... 

Don't freak out about the how to's, what if's. 

Just make a choice to do. 

And know your disruptive, community of dog industry rebels are waiting for you when you're ready to make that transition. 

Kristen Lee