Why Your Dog Biz Website Isn't Your GREATEST Salesperson

SEO Unicorns. Cute content because, dogs, right? Easy to find services and rates. ALLLLLLLLL About you.

Smoke and mirrors, professionals. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Now, before the private messages come screaming in that KRISTEN LEE is saying SEO “doesn’t matter” or I’m anti-website {cue pitchforks}, that’s not the case at all.

What does matter, is if you’re placing all of your marketing, lead generation and sales processes golden eggs into the website basket…

Your role for the business is to be the BEST Salesperson. Connecting with people – on the phone, NOT email.

It’s the MVP position, along with controlling your marketing.

When I speak with dog biz owners and they talk about their websites, the first question I ask is “what is your conversion rate to paying clients and what is their lifetime value to the business ?”.

Most aren’t able to answer.

And, if that’s you as well, you’re not alone and in the dark about these metrics either. It happens to the best of the dog pros out there!

Now, if you’re thinking “I am WAYYYYYY too busy to have to play that role! Plus most of the people that reach out are shopping around, ugh!”.

You ARE feeling the consequences of not having control of your marketing, client acquisition, lead generation and sales processes.

Healthy and calculated marketing is an entire ecosystem:

  • Niche & Identity

  • Organic Marketing

  • Guerilla Campaigns

  • Lead Generation (paid and free)

  • Sales Systems and Processes with Self Respect

  • Services and Programs

If you’re praying to the Google Gods to take your dog business to the next level without burning you out or having you magically ad another 10 hrs to your days, it’s NOT going to happen.

Take back control of your business.

Kristen Lee