What It Means To Me Being A Dog Business Coach

To Your Unapologetic Success.png

It makes my heart and soul happy as a dog business coach to watch the unpeeling and unlayering of so many fierce, dog business owners that truly, unmistakably transform and evolve the next, scary level in themselves and their businesses.

  • The quiet, meek, yet overworked dog walker that for a long time, never felt "good enough" to own her experience as a leading dog trainer. She hid from the spotlight, fearing judgment from her mentors and peers despite her many years of success and badass handling skills. Now this butterfly is transforming herself into the prime board and train provider, about to take over her local market.

  • My corporate executive client (legit C-level), that's bravely starting her new path from the boardroom and heels, to boarding and heeling (not to mention healing herself in the process).

  • The once in home doggie daycare prisoner that kept hearing the mountains calling, yet couldn't answer just a year ago. And now, she's packing up her brand new Jeeps, clients and getting lost in nature, doing business on her terms, on her schedule.

  • The hidden entrepreneur disguised as a 9-5er. You know the type, the one that started dog training because of that personal dog. And now, today is giving her notice that she is leaving -- and stepping into her dog training business full time.

  • My single mom client that was once terrified of what's next. Limiting her growth, self-value, to legit redefining her own path and life, while closing 20-30k months without burning out.

These are just a few examples as the list seems endless. Every day, my clients show the fuck up, bravely.

They know "the work" is more than higher prices, marketing, days off, etc. They commit themselves to a life and business of uncomfort and disruption; zigging when their peers are zagging as business owners.

Learning to not give a fuck and stepping into their transcended future self. Being loud, taking up space and claiming what is theirs while being unapologetic about their pursuit of success.

Learning to trust, love and heal themselves as not only dog trainers, dog walkers, etc. but as imperfect humans.

That's why coaching can be powerful as fuck.

Kristen Lee