Sell Less, Make More Money Dog Pros

Offering many different services to grow your dog biz is NOT going to increase your growth and revenue. At all.

Often the effect is quite the opposite. It stalls you out, prevents scalability all while fueling the fire for burnout.

Burnt out. Stuck.No room for improvement let alone forward momentum.

"If I just add this, they will come."

I hate to tell you; it never works out the way they planned being a:

dog walker/sitter/taxi/photographer/groomer/waste removal/treat maker/boarder, overnight sitter/daycare, etc..


In this episode of Mind Your Dog Business, Kristen Lee breaks it down why you should NEVER offer many different services for more income, the exact process on how to sell LESS and earn MORE.

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Kristen Lee
How To Go From A 9-5 Job to Full-Time Dog Trainer

Are you dreaming of giving the middle finger to the office life and step into training dogs full-time? Maybe the mountains are calling you to hike and walk dogs as you sit in traffic going to the corporate grind.

In today's listener question episode of Mind Your Own Dog Business Podcast, Kristen Lee breaks down how to smartly start shifting to a full-time dog business owner role.

From boardroom and heels to boarding and heeling, this is one you don't want to miss if you're ready to leap full-time dog business entrepreneurship.

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Kristen Lee
Dog Business Branding - The Elevation Of You

Let's chat branding for your dog training business. Everyone loves branding as a dog business owner.

The logo design. The colors!
Happy dogs and happy owners splashed everywhere.
Rack cards! Business cards, oh my!

The branding process seems like endless, creative fun for any dog business entrepreneur. But that's where it all goes to die. Yep, business branding goes to dry up, wilt, and die.

Because when dog walkers, dog trainers, and other dog business owners focus on the OUTWARD appearances- the inner work of who you indeed are as a human, what your origin story is, your quirks and everything else gets masked and smashed behind your dog training business.

In this episode of Mind Your Own Dog Business, Kristen Lee talks about stepping into your TRUE branding and start elevating your position as a dog business brand.

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Kristen Lee
Fearlessly Raise Your Rates

"Charge your value!"

Can there be a more vague statement? And yes, I'm guilty of saying it too. But WHAT IF you don't know your value? Because, what the fuck is your value when you have a ton of self-limiting beliefs cemented in by the paradigm of an industry that historically cuts itself short?

"Raise your rates... but only by a little."

Bull shit. Bull shit. BULL SHIT. Because, if you're like 80% of dog trainers, dog walkers, you are undercharging. By a lot.

Ready to fearlessly and STRATEGICALLY raise your rates while removing the bullshit noise between your ears?

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Kristen Lee
Help! I've Tried Everything To Get My Dog Training Business Off The Ground - BUT NOTHING IS WORKING!

On this episode of the Mind Your Own Dog Business podcast, I answer a listener’s questions about the issues she is having with acquiring clients for her business. She is 3 months into entrepreneurship and the dead ends she is running into are making her consider going back to the big box pet store where she previously worked. Hopefully, you will find my recommendations and advice to her applicable to your own situation, and remember that you can do what it takes to stand out in the industry and be successful.

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Kristen Lee
Build it And They WON'T COME - Avoiding Failed Online Dog Training Programs

Online Dog Training Programs - created by Dog Trainers. An absolutely, amazing way to take your dog training programs to the next level. 

What's NOT to love? 

  • It provides an innovative spin on the traditional dog training program model

  • Allows you to automate the learning process for clients

  • Creates unique value

  • Boosts your earning potential (go big or go home!)

  • Frees up time - yes, more time

But what if I told you, about 4 out of 5 dog online dog training programs that launch, fail. Like, flat-out fail. 

Discouraging, as fuck, right?


Because simply, too many dog training business owners spend too much time building and perfecting, before selling. 

In the episode, Kristen Lee breaks down the common misconceptions about creating online dog training courses what dog trainers and dog walkers should do before even thinking about creating their first online course. And what common mistakes to avoid as you build your first profitable online dog training course. 

Buckle up, take notes, and be sure to download this episode. This is pure gold for all the dog training businesses out there. 

Download the full guide to a profitable online dog training course here:

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Kristen Lee
Are Facebook Ads A Waste Of Money For Dog Trainers & Dog Walkers?

Facebook Ads. You either love them or hate them as a dog business owner. But, what if you could harness the power and simple strategy behind Facebook ads to return 4-6 dollars per every dollar you spend?

In this episode, Kristen Lee answers a listener's question if Facebook Ads for Dog Trainers are a gigantic waste of money, "don't work," and the top mistakes most dog walkers, dog trainers, and pet-sitters make when creating social media ads.

Kristen also breaks down the process of creating an effective ad campaign and why you should avoid having ads/copywriting done for you if you're in the dark about digital marketing.

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Kristen Lee
Busting The Referral Myth For Dog Trainers & Dog Walkers

"Do a good job, and the results will speak for themselves?"

"Your clients are your best marketing machine!"

Yeah, back in 2005-2009.

You guys, if word of mouth is the lifeline of your dog walking business or dog training business, you need to listen.

Sure, that works, to a limited point. And, I don't know about you, but most dog walkers or dog trainers don't have the time nor patience to grow at that pace.

In this episode, Kristen Lee discusses the old referral and word of mouth myth to grow your dog training business and for all the dog walkers out there too.

Enjoy this spicy episode.

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Kristen Lee
The Identity Crisis Of Dog Trainers


What defines us as a dog trainer, dog walker, entrepreneur, partner, spouse, sister, brother, etc.

But, a considerable amount of dog business owners are hiding BEHIND their business and letting it consume their identity.

In this episode, Kristen shares how to catch the red flags if you're unconsciously hiding behind your business, what the ripple effects are and the three questions to ask yourself to start recrafting yourself as a dog walker, a dog trainer.

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Kristen Lee
The Power & Freedom Of A Niche For Your Dog Business

The benefit of doing the real, in-depth work on your niche? 

Dog Trainers, Dog Walkers:

We must talk candidly about a niche. 

Not just the superficial bullshit of "all dog owners that love their dogs and want the best care."

Being able to pick the people you chose to work with.

Like, handpick and chose. 


People you chose to work with as a dog trainer, dog walker.

  • Not relying on them to pick you and falling into the trap of order taking

  • Respect for your expertise

  • Respect for your boundaries

  • People that want EXACTLY what you offer and are READY to pay

Not having to bend over, drop your pants for every person that finds your website, yelp, business card, or word of mouth. 

Oh, and did I mention, bringing in motherfucking profits and having control of while transforming your business.

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Kristen Lee
Creating Content That People Give A Shit About

You don't need a massive following on social media to have an impact or success with content, marketing, and sales in your business.

And, the truth is, platforms are moving away from the vanity metrics. You're more likely to show up in someone's feed if your content, and messages - ENGAGES, and RESONATES with your audience.

Meaning, real conversations, content that connects to your targeted audience is favored over having tens of thousands of unengaged followers.

In this episode, Kristen Lee breaks it down on how dog trainers, dog walkers, and pet business owners can create content that your audience, aka dog owners, give a shit about. And how you step away from the basic social media post or blogs that everyone else is creating.

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Kristen Lee
How To Empower Dog Owners For High Ticket Sales

Empower dog owners + allow permission to express themselves =

In this incredible episode for Dog Trainers and Dog Walkers looking to create more sales in their dog business, Kristen Lee breaks down on how to start shifting your mindset around sales to an art form and at a more in-depth, connective level for an epic shift in your sales process.

She also guides you through how to EMPOWER your prospective dog owners that are coming to you for dog training, dog walking and even petsitting services to sell at a much higher level.

Dog Training Sales can empower you.
Dog Walking Sales can empower you.

But the true platinum and wealth power is within you.

Let's fucking do this Dog Trainers and Dog Walkers.

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Kristen Lee
Feeling Freaked Out, Overwhelmed and Stuck In Your Dog Training Business?

Feeling freaked out, overwhelmed, and under massive pressure in your dog training or dog walking business? As if the weight of the world is on your shoulders and total depletion? 

The burnout is real, pet industry entrepreneurs. 

In this episode, Kristen Lee gives you the steps to start your momentum, disrupt your current inertia of freaked out, and overwhelmed to get back on track to your endless to-dos. 

Kristen Lee coaches and consults with some of the most elite dog business entrepreneurs and experts. Her mission is to disrupt the current norm, cut through the noise and empower the incredible women of the dog business to step into the spotlight, reclaim control and transform not only their business but their lives. 

It's real. It's raw. It's uncensored. It's what the dog business has been waiting for.

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Kristen Lee
Impactful Marketing

Marketing and MORE MARKETING!

Something I see so many of you guys, the incredible dog trainers and walkers out there, so super focused on and excited about. And that awesome. I LOVEEEE me some well-executed marketing. Marketing geeks me the hell out since it's an art AND science. 

The majority of Dog Trainers and Dog Walkers are making the same dog business marketing mistake. Over and over. 

It's Dog Business Marketing Inception. 

The thing is:

You can do all the marketing for your dog business:

  • All the videos

  • All the pics

  • All the testimonials

  • All the awards

  • All the business cards, flyers, and brochures all over town

  • All the posts in apps and community groups


If you're not focusing on the connection to your fantastic audience of dog owners, you're leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars off the table.

In this episode, Kristen Lee takes you through the process to create impactful marketing. She'll give you the exact five steps to take to truly create content no matter where it is, from business cards to sales pages, to connect, spawn conversations and convert your most ideal clients.

For the listeners of the podcast, you can also download the guide here PLUS a bonus worksheet

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Kristen Lee
2 Marketing Superpower Elements For Your Dog Training Business

In this episode of Mind Your Own Dog Business, Kristen Lee gives you the two simple marketing elements, but are MARKETING SUPERPOWERS that will dramatically shift the way clients come into your dog business.

These two elements will shoot you from the middle of the road in a sea of oversaturation to rising to the top of your local market as a dog trainer.

And, why there should never be a middle ground with your dog training and dog walking business, ever. AND, the signs that it's keeping you from total business transformation, success, and wealth.

If you've ever felt frustrated as a dog trainer, dog walker, with being unfulfilled, and consistently feel like clients are pushing your boundaries, this episode is for you.

Draw your line. And to be fucking you.

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Kristen Lee
My 100k + Dog Training Sales Weeks Secrets & Cheatsheet

Dog Walkers! Dog Trainers! Struggling with the s-word? Sales...

The sales struggle for dog business owners DOESN'T need to be real. Like, stop that self (and industry) limiting belief.

On this content packed episode, Kristen Lee takes you through her simple Dog Business Sales Strategy step by step that will make your dog walking business or dog training business revenue from limited to unapologetically booming — booming with growth, without burnout.

Get your notebooks and pens ready; this one is coming in hot with the framework and steps.

Another real and raw episode, from the leading Dog Business Coach and Strategist, Kristen Lee.

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Kristen Lee
My Story & Who The Hell Is Kristen Lee

This episode is for all those wondering, "Who the hell is this Kristen Lee? Why should I listen to what she has to say? Oh lord, another pop-up dog biz coach.."

In this episode, you'll learn the story of Kristen Lee from her journey to a young, MBA Corporate Executive while building multiple 7-figure dog businesses to her role now as the leading Dog Business Strategist, to how she works with the most incredible women of the dog business industry.

It's real. It's raw. It's uncensored.

It's what the dog business has been waiting for.

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Kristen Lee
Welcome To The Uncomfort Zone

Mind Your Own Dog Business, hosted by Dog Business Strategist Kristen Lee, is a podcast focused on dog business entrepreneurs on being unapologetically successful and ready to disrupt their dog training and dog walking businesses.

In this podcast, Kristen Lee challenges you to not only transform your business but transform your life while stepping into your real power as a dog business owner.

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Kristen Lee