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Over the last several years, Kristen has advised and coached many Dog Business Entrepreneurs take their businesses to the unheard of level in the dog industry.

She has helped her clients increase revenues from scrapping by to multiple six-figures, reposition themselves as leaders in their market, transition various dog walking companies into high-end dog training businesses, creative cutting edge new programs and services, rebrand with authenticity while becoming the new authority, and more.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Ashley Carpenter, Smashingly Respectful Dog Training  Baltimore, MD

Ashley Carpenter, Smashingly Respectful Dog Training

Baltimore, MD

30k Months, a facility and much more…

A few months ago it wasn't BMW's, a facility or 5-figure months.

It was working in a dead-end job, training only when I could, the uncertainty of where her next clients would come from, and the fear of claiming MY spotlight as THAT amazing trainer. Not to mention the crippling anxiety of actually charging my real value in an oversaturated market.

Kristen told me the truth: I was only playing small and that I DESERVED to be bigger, better and bolder while defining my legacy as not only a business owner, dog trainer but as a mother.

Under Kristen's guidance and coaching, I learned a whole new way of running my dog training business very proftiably and sustainably.

My marketing reaches the most amazing people that I feel connected with and that want help with their dogs. Kristen also gave me the courage and strategy to disrupt the current training paradigm with new programs that better serve my clients.

The results?

Within 90 days:

I said goodbye to a job that I had for over a decade to step into my role as an FT dog trainer. I started hitting 15, 20, 30k MONTHS. Not years, but MONTHS. I funded and built my dog training facility that was just a big picture vision. And, for Christmas 2018, purchased a BMW for me.

I'm able to keep growing my business continuously; without the burnout, without hitting a glass ceiling.

What. An. INCREDIBLE journey.

I first reached out to Kristen when I was at this crossroads, that now I know is so familiar to a lot of you guys out there. You're not alone.

My business, Jackson Powder Hounds, was doing okay. But, I was not. Not sure of the direction I wanted to head in with not only the business but myself. Yep, myself.

The first time I spoke with Kristen, she asked me plain blank "So, what the fuck do YOU want?" And, I didn't know.

From our first conversation, I knew that not only did she get me and my business, but she also deeply understood me and truly cared vs. lumping me in with a group of other dog biz owners. Within three months of working with Kristen, she helped me reposition and redefine my brand, redesign my management style, create new programs and services all as I'm transitioning into the role as not only a dog trainer but as a healer to humans and their relationships with their dogs.

As a result, our sales pipeline tripled and JPD had an overall 100% increase in market reach in our small community. Kristen helps me sort through my ideas to identify which have the most value and will be of most benefit to me. As a coach, she is helping me reimagine what’s genuinely possible and build trust in myself.

Andrea Victoria, Andrea Victoria Coaching & Jackson Powder Hounds  Jackson Hole, WY

Andrea Victoria, Andrea Victoria Coaching & Jackson Powder Hounds

Jackson Hole, WY

Kim Smith, Chasing The Wild  Des Moines, IA

Kim Smith, Chasing The Wild

Des Moines, IA


Very first time I spoke with Kristen I was at a breaking point with my business:

Clients that didn't see my value...

Working every damn day as a mom...

Was trapped in my house full of dogs...

I knew I was destined for something bigger and better as a dog pro, unsure where to go with my business and the brand I built.

Enter Kristen Lee. We immediately fixed all of that and more. She gave me the business strategy, advice, and courage to not only make an impact to my dog business but too much much more. I'm out in mother nature, making a difference to not just dogs and their training, but to the environment as well.

As a result of working with Kristen, my annual revenue has doubled with LESS work, and I'm on track to triple it for 2019. I consistently have high 4-5 figure months with my training business, and just recently was able to buy my first new car. TOTAL TRANSFORMATION.

If you're on the fence or even scared to connect with Kristen, I get it. But you'll be glad you did. I promise you and your bank account.

Overworked, underpaid, doing shit I hated and BORED in my dog walking business.

Lather, rinse, repeat for two years. I started working with Kristen in the spring of 2017, and everything changed. I mean EVERYTHING.

I dumped the services that I knew wasn't best serving my purpose as a dog walker and trainer. Within six months, my sales were up 150%; I am the leading dog walker/pack walker in Pennsylvania. The best part? I’ve finally stepped into the dog trainer role.

I’m able to work with the most incredible clients that value me, learned how to set healthy boundaries (meaning the ability to say no!), design innovative training programs that set me apart, while being the CEO of my business. To say it’s life-changing, doesn’t give Kristen enough.

Courtney Ruland, Ducey’s Dogs  Lilitz, PA

Courtney Ruland, Ducey’s Dogs

Lilitz, PA

Lori Ann, Lori Ann Speaks Dog  Lancaster, PA

Lori Ann, Lori Ann Speaks Dog

Lancaster, PA

My story is like many pet professionals…

I started my dog walking and pet sitting business awhile with the goal of moving into something bigger and better. While I loved my clients, I found myself taking every single person that inquired in. It was exhausting, draining, and I missed my bed (damn overnights!). The worst part, I wasn't even charging my professional value with my experience!

After working with Kristen, we immediately discovered who my dream tribe of clients are, cut the services I HATED out, increased my rates and I'm FINALLY stepping into my canine communication coach role.

That's the thing about Kristen; she has this uncanny ability to be able to lead you to your real purpose so that you can be the most amazing you for yourself and your clients.